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Top 5 Printers In The Market


Choosing a printer can at times prove to be a daunting task especially if the shopper happens to be a first time printer buyer. There are various types of printing technologies and each is suited for specific needs. It is important to note one thumb rule when shopping for a printer. For long lasting photographs, an inkjet printer is an absolute must and for producing fast text documents; a laser printer is an ideal choice. With a wide variety of printers available in the market; it is difficult to make a prudent choice. Mentioned below are the top five printers available in the market today.

Brother MFC- 9440CN color laser multifunction
This color laser multifunction printer is ideal for work groups or small offices. Its USP lies in its consistent and fast speed as well as an impressive scan and print quality. It can perform multifunctional tasks and offers advanced features and functions to meet the diverse needs of an office. It also has an Ethernet port at the rear and it can be connected to the computer via a single USB cable. It is compatible with MAC as well as Windows operating systems. It comes with a default 64 MB memory and this can be upgraded up to 576 MB. It has the regular copy features and the can make up to 99 copies at once as well as enlarge and reduce via custom values or present values. Moreover, it comes with enhanced security features. The Settings Lock enables you to set a Pin number and secure your printer from being tampered by a third party.

HP Photosmart A826
This printer is a favorite among people who prefer a great print quality at lightening speed. It comes packed with some fun features like captions and clip art. The menu section is neat and well organized and it also features a user-friendly touch screen and is great for displaying slide shows. Given its size and lack of portability; the printer would be an ideal choice among professional photographers and professional party organizers. The touch screen comes packed with most of its essential features. The set up too is fairly simple. The A826 can easily be set up to print from a PC. Photographs can be viewed as a slideshow and the settings of this can be adjusted to randomize the order, image duration, continuous loop and much more. The A826 offers a wide variety of options when it comes to printing and editing of photographs.

Epson Stylus Pro 3800
This printer offers a fine blend of features, all packed into one machine. This is the least expensive printer available in the Epson’s Pro series. Besides offering long lasting prints and an amazing black & white print quality; it also has a wide tonal range and offers an array of paper options. The minimum ink droplet size is 3.5 Pico liters and a max resolution of 2880×1, 440dpi. It can hold 9 cartridges of Epson’s Ultra Chrome K3 inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Matte Black, Photo Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, and Light Light Black. It comes with an Ethernet port and can thus be shared on a network. So, it makes an ideal printer for a small office environment. The best part of this printer is that delivers high quality black and white prints. While the neutrality of colors will depend on the type of paper being used; the color fidelity on different paper types is more than impressive.

HP Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-One
This printer comes packed with loads of utilizable features like built-in networking, high quality and speedy prints, a built-in ADF, media card slots, Digital Filing, duplexer and various other office-oriented features. This printer is highly recommended for someone who is looking for an all-in-one functionality. It also offers a wireless print server as well as a Bluetooth adaptor for wireless printing (optional). Be it printing, scanning, copying or faxing; the machine accomplishes it all. Although it is network-ready; the printer can be also connected via a USB. It makes it possible to send and receive both colored as well as black and white fax copies.

Lexmark C532dn
This printer offers some highly useful and user-friendly features and offers high quality and speedy prints for just about any print type. It comes network ready with a built-in duplexer as well as a separate photoconductor. This printer is ideal for high volume printing needs and also features an automatic double sided printing. Furthermore; the printer is quite energy efficient and results in lesser material waste. Its toner cartridges have been separated into 2 units. While one piece is the toner; the other piece is the photoconductor. Its print quality is highly impressive and the printer also has an expandable on board memory.

Checklist for Buying Quality Printer Toner Supplies on the Internet

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More and more people are shopping online for their printer and toner supplies. There are online stores that carry almost every brand name and accessory in existence. There are advantages and disadvantages of using an online source for these products, and a few things to watch out for while shopping as well. Here’s a quick checklist of what to look for when buying printer and toner supplies online.

Check for Compatibility

The tricky part to buying laser printer supplies and toner is making sure the accessories are compatible with your printer. Most printers come with a toner cartridge already installed. But when it comes time to replace the cartridge, you should look at the old cartridge and write down the product serial or identification number on the cartridge. If you’re not sure about the type of toner cartridge needed, check in your printer manual.

You can also check in the printer manual to find out about other replaceable parts if your printer needs a repair. It’s important to buy parts that are compatible. Trying to install toner or other parts that are not compatible could harm the machine. Also, you’ll save time and money by checking the compatibility in advance. If you order the wrong toner, it will have to be shipped to you and then shipped back to the company for an exchange. The company might not refund your original shipping amount so that’s money lost.

Price versus Quality

Compare prices on printer supplies and toner, but don’t go by price alone. There are many companies that sell cheap made products at cheap prices. It’s better to pay a little more and get a good brand name product than to waste money on a product that won’t last.

Search online for quality brand names such as Apple, IBM, Lanier, Epson, Dell, Brother, Canon, Digital, GCC, Genicom, Samsung, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, and HP Comp. This will ensure you are getting printer accessories that are of a good quality.

Ordering, Shipping, and Other Products

Check to be sure the online company offers secure ordering and has reasonable shipping charges. Sometimes the shipping charges can eat up your savings. You’d be better off buying from a local store. But if you live far from the nearest printer supply store and the shipping is affordable, it’s well worth buying online.

Some online companies will offer a variety of products along with printer supplies. These products might include Sony tape drives, laptop hard drives, notebook batteries, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, cell phone batteries, digital cameras and batteries, inkjet cartridges, and more.

When you find a dependable company online that offers all these products at reasonable prices, you’ve found a goldmine! You can shop for your own printer toner supplies along with other related items and combine shipping amounts to save money. Or, you can use the services for holiday gift shopping. Either way, you’ll save time and money by ordering these products online from the comfort of your own home.

Printing for Primitive Home Decor


Primitive home decor has risen in popularity over the years. It offers a captivating design that can turn any room into a warm environment, making it feel like home. Getting the right look, however, is about more than choosing good materials and colors. You have to find the right prints and looks. One of the easiest parts of this is the pillows. A pillow can tie a room together and accomplish the look amazingly well. A vintage throw pillow is good for this, but there are newer ones that work just as well. If you are going for that country primitive home decor, you will want to get the right pillows.

Going to Basics

The basics of choosing good pillows are in the colors. With primitive home décor, you want to focus on colors that feel country. Warm tones, reds and deep browns are good choices. You can have accents of other colors, such as blues, but they should tie into other colors in the room. Primitive décor relies on those warmer tones that make you think of wood, copper, and metal. It relies on warmth to be successful.

The Design

Color is not the only important part of country primitive home décor. As you can tell by the name, country is a big part of it. A country look is essential. You want something that speaks to the soul and heart, or something that can play off designs that do. Basic patterns, solid colors, and designs with stars or words work with primitive decor.

More Than One

Having one pillow is not enough. It will not do much to get the right design for the room nor will it stand out. You want to have several pillows on the couch and on other areas of the room. These pillows should complement one another and the room’s design as a whole. They are not centerpieces, but they are integral in the overall color and design.

A Variety of Types

A good thing about pillows is that there is a lot of them out there. Vintage throw pillows come in a wide variety. You can have a few different country-inspired pillows, all with that aged vintage look. You can also go for newer pillows. They may not offer the vintage look that makes the primitive decor work, but they can look equally good in the room. The goal here is about the prints and the colors, and you can always find pillows that suit this design.

Ink and Toner

Ordering Ink and Toner Online

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Ordering Ink and Toner Online

Part of owning a printer is purchasing ink and toner. This is a basic job that allows you to continue printing without any hassle and without any loss in color. Choosing to purchase these items, however, can feel daunting. The prices and variety make this unapproachable for anyone who has no clue what they want or feels that the current system of buying from stores is unacceptable. Ordering online is the new way to get the exact product that you need while saving some money in the process. You can get both an ink refill and a toner refill without having to go anywhere or spend more than you are comfortable spending.

Find a New Way

Before online, you had to do everything by going to local shops. Even as we entered the online world, going to shops remained the preferred method of completing tasks. This includes buying ink and toner. You would have to find a shop that offers the exact brand and types that you need, and you would oftentimes have to shop around for prices. After all, these are expensive. If you wanted to get a good deal, you would have to spend the day finding the best place and then you would have to go there every time you needed more. It was a hassle.

Enter the Online World

If you want an ink refill or toner refill these days, you can head online. It has become the number one solution for everything, and with good reason. Ordering online is faster, cheaper, and easier. You have everything that you need available to you from a convenient place, your home, and the shops help to keep the process simple. You can see the lowest prices within minutes and you can have the ink and toner of your choice shipped directly to you. Prices beat what you can find locally, too.

The Best Shops are Online

What makes this so rewarding is that there is no beating the shops available online. These are specialty shops with lower prices than you are going to find elsewhere. You can see for yourself just how affordable they are. Getting an ink refill or toner refill online will save you money.

You can also find every type of ink and toner that you need at these shops. They do not have limited or little stock, allowing you to find the exact brand and color that your printer needs.

The Most Common Types of Ink and Toner


There are certain considerations that must be focused upon when we venture into the sometimes quirky commercial printing and art reproduction community. Handmade artists typically choose ink and toner that appeals to their style and niche. In order to create bold and primitive home décor, these artists must use the right products for their particular canvas, paper or other materials. There are many types of these ink products on the market. Each has their own identity and is best suited for specific uses that we will soon explore. All of these products display their own qualities and the artist must determine which will be best supportive of his or her work. In many cases, these choices are as important as the art itself. Let’s explore the most common types of inks and toners available today.

Aqueous inksThe first 4 options – The first 4 most common ink and toner products begin with Aqueous inks. These types are broken down into dye-based or pigment-based products. Dye stains the page, but pigment remains on the surface and presents a muted color. Dye is not waterproof, but the pigment is. Aqueous types are best used on paper, canvas and indoor use. Solvent ink is mixed with a pigment powder and is ideal for plastic prints and outdoor signage due to its waterproof qualities. Eco-solvent is great for closed in spaces and is also used on plastic, outside displays and signage. Indigo is commonly utilized on canvas, plastics, and digital photo books.

The final 4 – One of the new inks on the block is Latex. Most consider this type to be a fair alternative to solvent inks. This type is prominent for outdoor displays and industrial work. Toner is actually not a true ink, but an alternative to it. This type is more commonly utilized on posters and documents. UV curable inks must endure the UV light source to create the bold, bright colors it has come known for. This type is generally used on extremely large formats or industrial projects. Dye Sub is used on dye-sublimation & diffusion.

There is a specific type of ink and toner for every primitive home decor project. Of course, many of these inks are used in printers for everyday use as well. It is important to know which types of inks are good for what purpose if you want to create a successful project. We have discussed the most common types of ink and toner on the market, but there are many homemade and innovative options being developed every day.

Modern Day Inkjet Printers For Fabric Printing

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Modern Day Inkjet Printers For Fabric Printing

Printing whatever you want on your own fabric doesn’t need you to have access to a textile mill or screen printing shop. All it takes these days is access to your own modern day inkjet printer, equipped with the right kind of ink and toner. You can slide any kind of fabric through inkjet printers, but note that unless you have the right kind of ink and toner, it may not come out printed exactly the way you thought it would.

In fact, you need to get the right kind of ink to match the type of fabric. Take a look at these tips below on how to get the right ink and toner for your inkjet printer to match the kind of fabric you plan to print on.

Matching Inks With Fabrics For Printing

Fabric Printer
Fabric Printer like that used in country primitive home decor

It’s assumed that you want the fabric to be 100% waterproof, machine-washable and dry-cleanable. Secondly, you need to know which type of ink and toner you have. Your ink may be pigment-based or dye-based. The latter is a water-based ink, and whatever it prints on the fabric may start to run and stream ink when it comes into contact with water (unless it’s been pre-treated to be water-resistant). Obviously, washing your fabric or exposing it to rain or snow is not an option if you have printed on it with a chap dye-based ink, and not pre-treated it to be water resistant.

If you do use dye inks, then make sure to match the type of dye with the kind of fabric you are using. For instance, cotton and cellulose fabrics require inkjet printer ink to be a fiber reactive dye ink. For silk fabrics, you can make use of either fiber reactive dye ink or acid dyes.

Pigment-based ink, on the other hand, is impervious to water, which means you can safely use it without worrying about pre-treatments and what effect water will have on your printed fabric. If you don’t know whether your inkjet printer uses pigment or dye based ink, check the printer manual. Go to the section on ink and toner, and it should tell you what kind of ink you need to buy if you are refilling or replacing toners.

Tips For Fabric Printing Using an Inkjet Printer

You need to cut your fabric to the maximum width that your printer can take in. If your printer’s maximum limit is an A3 size paper, then place an A3 paper on the back of the fabric and cut along that outline. You can of course use any kind of fabric in your printer just like paper. But note that using all kinds of fabrics or cutting it by hand may result in widely different printing, and it’s quite likely that you may end up with the fabric jammed in and all creased up inside the printer. Also note that you will need to fiddle with the brightness and color settings to get the best and most vivid prints on your chosen fabric.

This is where we suggest that you get proper inkjet printing fabric rolls. You may want smaller rolls if you are using on a project like vintage throw pillows or some type of country primitive home decor. It’s not just about getting the right size rolls that you just have to feed in like paper rolls.

It’s also about matching your specific ink and toner with the right kind of treated inkjet printer fabric, so that you get the best results with no hassle or pre-treatment required. In other words, make sure you have top quality ink and a toner to match, and then get the right kind of fabric that will give you the best results for the ink you are using.

Office Items and Their Uses

Office Items

officesupplies1Whether you work from house or you are a business director for a large corporation, most of the people have one most important fault in common: the propensity to be unorganized. While a number of you have organizational skills at home, bringing them to the workplace is a completely different story; and for those of you that have problem staying organized even at home, well, there seems to be no expect for this.

Just like with any room in a home or business, an office space can fast become messy and unorganized when not attended to. With the quantity of papers, office supplies, and mail that loads up on a daily basis, your office can with no trouble be transformed into a clutter-filled tragedy, making it difficult to find what is wanted. There are plenty of rapid solutions for keeping your office extra organized with most requiring small effort. The easiest as well as most cost-effective solution is purchasing office organizational apparatus.

Four office accessories, which can facilitate lead your office to looking tidy and additional presentable, are filed cabinets, pencil drawers, computer holders, as well as cable management accessories.

A File Cabinet

A file cabinet is an elegant choice for any office environment with its aptitude to conceal and store unneeded documents that otherwise generally end up sitting on a desk for months on end. When papers start to pile up, it can often be difficult to find what you are looking for which can be harmful to any BEL 3307-0221 381business, particularly if it is something critical for example an invoice that needs to be paid. Filing allows for the simple organization of documents and quick access to information when desired. There are a number of different file cabinets presented from vertical files to lateral files to locking files to files made of dissimilar materials.

It is significant to consider which will work excellent for your business or home environment. Things to consider when buying a file cabinet include the size of the documents that will be filed absent, the quantity of documents that have to be stored, the area the file will be in, the material you will desire the file to be made of, and the size of the file you will call for.

Larger businesses that have a lot of documents that need to be stored will almost certainly need a larger file with four drawers that can be stored in a file space whereas a home office may only require a small two drawer file to store a few significant documents. Other companies may desire to provide each of their employees with their own personal file drawers to help keep their entire desks additional tidy and clean.

Computer Holders

Computer holders are helpful for any workstation with their capability to keep your CPU safe from various outside elements and your workspace free from clutter. When CPU systems are left on the floor this can make an untidy office appearance, they can scratch or injure the flooring, can be in the way of a person’s individual workspace, and can even cause needless accidents from public tripping over it or stubbing their toes by running into them.office_supplies

A few CPU holders have a metal bracing system which firmly holds the CPU on both sides and offers hold up from the bottom while other value oriented versions come with a sequence of straps which can hold the computer in place. Most CPU holders can be simply installed underneath the user’s desk or attached to the wall, cleanly out of view allowing for a more productive work environment. The majority also come with anti-skid pads to prevent the CPU from sliding out of place and falling out of the holder.

Affordable SEO Services

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